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A Note From the President - March 2024

Updated: Jun 21

MMTA President, Dr. Kayme Henkel

It’s a busy but rewarding time of year for all of us. My students participated in Jr. Festival last weekend. I know many of you have also completed yours or have yours fast approaching. I know I always come away appreciative of all the work the festival coordinators do in making the events such an encouraging experience for the students. I come away inspired by all the love of music which my colleagues show with their skills in organization, judging and the kindness shown to students. I feel very blessed to be a part of such a wonderful organization. Thank you! You all make teaching music a rewarding experience. Even though I am exhausted at the end of the festival, I really feel that we have one of the best jobs out there!

 One of the topics which keeps coming up in our MMTA board meetings is that we want to make sure we are giving opportunities to every student and teacher affiliated with MMTA. With that in mind, we are organizing a new event. This year we are going to have what we have dubbed a “PLAYATHON” on Sunday, May 5th at 3pm. It will be at the Cedarburg Cultural Center and is at the beginning of the National Music Week. This event is open to ALL musicians in MMTA - this includes beginning students as well as teachers. Musicians will be able to sign up to play at the event, the sign up form will be open from April 1st-20th. (Watch your emails for that sign up form. It will be sent out at the end of March.) This will be a great opportunity for students to play whatever they want. They can sing pop tunes, they can play duets (teachers can play duets!), they can perform for their first time ever, they can be seasoned performers, they can play with the music or they can play from memory. We simply want to have a gathering where we get to play music, because that is what we love to share! We want this to be a fun gathering, an event in which we can have a chance to chat with our colleagues and an opportunity for our students to simply play. So please, tell your students about this event and if you have questions, please contact me. There will be no admission or entry charge for this event, we simply want everyone to have a great time. Also at this event, we want students to have the opportunity to share some of the other art forms which the National Federation of Music Clubs encourages in the celebration of National Music Week. We will be displaying essays, poetry and artwork. Click below for details about that. All these must be sent to me by April 15th. These will not be judged, but they will be displayed at the event.

 I know this has been a long newsletter, thank you for reading. Before I close I have a couple more reminders: We will once again be having our ANNUAL MEETING this year and it will be on Friday, May 3rd. More details will be coming, but please mark your calendars. We will be going back to including a lunch. We will also be electing our new board members,

Thanks again for reading,

Kayme Henkel, MMTA President


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